Data Protection Policy

The Newbury Society is a registered charity established to promote an interest in the history of Newbury and adjacent parishes and to provide a civic forum for the discussion of issues affecting its heritage. It aims to do this through lectures, newsletters and meetings with relevant local bodies. The Newbury Society is committed to protecting the personal data it holds in line with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations.

The Newbury Society holds a list of paid-up members (names, home addresses and e-mail addresses) which it uses to contact members throughout the year:
(a) to advise them of future events and changes to speaker meetings;
(b) to provide details each year of the Annual General Meeting.;
(c) to publish regular newsletters and bulletins

The Newbury Society relies upon its members to advise the Society of any changes.

The Society also holds a separate contact list of Committee Members, which is used for the purpose of advising Committee Members of meetings and other Society business, and to provide points of contact for its members. It is updated when the Committee is re-elected at the AGM. Some information about Committee Members is available on the Society’s website.

The Newbury Society may at times hold lists of contact details for organisations or individuals working with the Society on heritage or history projects. This information will be held solely for this purpose, but the names of such individuals or organisations may need to be retained following such projects for archival purposes, and may be published, with permission, in publications.

The Newbury Society may retain correspondence with speakers, donors, enquirers and other individuals who contact or are contacted by the Society. Such correspondence will only be retained for as long as the information is required, and in general, not beyond a year.

Where minutes and reports, or other similar documents contain personal names, this information is retained for archival purposes as part of the formal records of The Newbury Society. The minimal amount of information required is recorded in such cases.

The information listed above is obtained either from the individuals concerned, or from publicly available sources, and is held solely by members of the Committee. The Committee, are all volunteers working on behalf of The Newbury Society.

A separate Privacy Notice regarding the persona data obtained when individuals access the Society’s website can be found here:

The Data Controller for The Newbury Society is the Committee. If you have an enquiry regarding personal data held by the Society, please contact the Secretary, via the contact form on the Society website: